Best Films Seen In 2013

Finally got around to working out the best films I have seen in 2013, not necessarily films that were released in 2013 as most watched via Netflix or LoveFilm!

Best Film 2013

Untouchable [Blu-ray]

Not only the best film watched during the year but also the funniest film too. Not bad for a film based on a true story about a quadriplegic and his carer. The two leads are charismatic and engaging whilst the story is honest and heartfelt without being too mawkish and sentimental.

Runners Up

Kotoko [Blu-ray]

An uncomfortable film from Shin’ya Tsukamoto telling the struggle with paranoia of a young mother.

Amour [Blu-ray]

Michael Haneke’s tale of an elderly couples love for one another that is tested when one suffers a stroke and their health starts to deteriorate. Haneke manages to tell the story without resorting to cliche and manipulating the emotions of the viewer.

Rust and Bone [Blu-ray]
Rust and Bone

A bouncer/thug and a killer whale trainer form a strong friendship when circumstances bring them together and each helps the other through various trials and struggles in their lives. Marion Cotillard plays the trainer and Matthias Schoenaerts the bouncer, each plays their characters with great strength and raw emotion that turns what could have been a simple melodrama/romance into something that is far more interesting and subtle. Cotillard quite rightly picked up many awards and nominations for her role but it is Schoenaerts who provides the film with it’s heart and soul.

Searching For Sugar Man [DVD]
Searching For Sugarman

A documentary about an amazing singer who went unnoticed in America but was a superstar in apartheid era South Africa.

The Hunt [Blu-ray]
The Hunt

In a small village a rumour can have devastating consequences. Mads Mikkelson plays a respected teacher who whilst working in a nursery has his life changed after a child makes a comment that leaves colleagues to believe the child may have been sexually abused. From the subject matter it is obvious that this not an easy film to watch but Mads Mikkelson is mesmerising as the teacher whose life, reputation and more is destroyed by the scandal.

Other Recommended Films Seen In 2013

Room 237 [DVD]
Jo Nesbo's Headhunters [Blu-ray]
Holy Motors [Blu-ray]
Antiviral [DVD]
Stoker [DVD] [2013]
Argo (Blu-ray) [2013] [Region Free]
Robot & Frank [DVD]


Film Games

Short Film: Live action Dead Island teaser trailer remake

In case you have not seen the original


Short Film: Kingz

A really stylish and well made film. Great action and story.


Short Film: Death By Muff

Fair to say it is NSFW but worth a watch. One of the user submitted entries for ABC’s of Death 2.


Short Film: Next Floor

A visually stunning film by Denis Villeneuve, director of Prisoners and the amazing Incendies.


Wagdug Futuristic Unity – Ill Machine

I love how wrong this sounds



Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto – Ax Mr L.

One of my favourite pieces of music


Music Video: Immortal Technique – Dance With The Devil (NSFW)

An uncomfortable video for a powerful song. Strong language and subject matter!


Short Film: Abe

A great short film about a serial killer robot.


Music Video: Devo – Don’t Shoot